Biography for Donna C. (Hart) Armstrong B.Ed.

Donna C. ArmstrongDonna’s life has provided her with many lessons and trials which she has transformed into gifts, all of which she has incorporated into her career as a teacher, counsellor, therapist and coach. The cornerstone of Donna’s life philosophy is to “live life to its fullest”. This philosophy inspires and directs her as she fully embraces her many roles in life.

Donna is the oldest of six siblings, including two sets of twins, in a northern Alberta farming community. After achieving Grade Twelve Senior Matriculation with honours, Donna attended Fairview Agricultural College where her parents paid her tuition by shipping feed grain to the College. Donna achieved a Secretarial Certificate as well as receiving a scholarship of achievement which included all expenses paid for Legal and Medical Business Education. Donna chose to add Accounting to her Legal and Medical Business Education. This has served her well because she could work anywhere in support of her family.

While working for the City of Grande Prairie, Donna met Murray which started a 40+ year marriage and their two beautiful daughters, Trina and Lana.

The family moved to Prince Edward Island (PEI) where Donna’s teaching, guidance, counselling and creative energies took hold. She implemented a Federal Government Program that supported cottage-home-based industries as well as operating her own pottery business Clay Haven. Also, Donna and Murray initiated a chapter of Canadian Parents for French (CPF) that supported the existing French Immersion Program in P.E.I. In addition, they also created the West PEI Ballet Association.

Unfortunately, due to extended medical issues with Donna’s parents, the family moved back to their home province of Alberta to support her family.

With a University available to her, Donna fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher when she received her Bachelor’s degree in Adult Education. With Trina and Lana as teenagers, this was no small accomplishment as she was a full-time student at University while working part time and also running the home for four years. She graduated from the University of Alberta with honours in 1984 with the supportive cheers of family and friends.

Donna ArmstrongDonna was hired by NorQuest College, Edmonton, Alberta in the fall of 1984. During the 15 years that followed, Donna provided curriculum development, teaching, counselling, and a supporting environment for all of her adult students that passed through her classes.

In 1999, Donna had to leave NorQuest College in order to deal with her own health issues. Donna devoted all her energy into recovery and coping with numerous medical procedures. In her healing process, Donna explored, experienced and consciously chose the therapeutic approaches that focused on healing rather than becoming a victim of her physical illness. Donna offers this learning and wisdom to others that have experienced chronic physical pain and the psychological and emotional distress that accompanies that struggle. From all this, Donna has learned to embrace the precious joys of living life to its fullest.

During this process of finding a balance between the trials and gifts of her life, she has utilized the following therapeutic approaches that she now offers to her clients and workshop participants:

  • Energy Psychology: Advanced Integrative Therapy
  • Voice Dialogue, Psychology of the Selves and the Aware Ego Process
  • Re-Creation of Self
  • Women Within, International and Provincial
  • Inca Shamanism, in the Four Directions
  • Transcendental Meditation

Donna has the ability to incorporate the wisdom of the client’s body and the healing energies within. This allows the client to transform their emotional and physical pain into a new conscious awareness and choice in living their life.

Donna Armstrong and friendExpanding into the world, Donna co-authored with her husband, Murray, a three level curriculum: The Basic Concepts of Voice Dialogue. This curriculum has been endorsed by the founders of Voice Dialogue, Psychology of the Selves and the Aware Ego Process, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. These resources are available on our website: and are presently being utilized worldwide as a therapeutic and conscious awareness model of healing the mind, body, spirit and soul.

In 2003, Donna and Murray opened their own private practice Counselling Center: Armstrongs’ Counselling Services. In addition to counselling her clients on a part-time basis, Donna also conducts administrative duties and training programs which include:

For a detailed account of Donna’s professional development view Donna Armstrong’s complete resume (PDF)