Armstrong’s Counselling Services (ACS)

Murray was privileged to work with his wife, Donna, since 1995 as co-owners and therapists creating Armstrongs’ Counselling Services together.  Sadly, she passed away on July 2, 2021.  Murray has sold his business condo which he and Donna had owned since 2006.  He continues seeing clients and doing supervision on-line and  in-person at his home.

Murray has chosen to simplify this website considerably as he is well-know in Edmonton as well other places in Canada, the US, and other Countries.  This website is being maintained to give people an easy way to contact him and simply to get to know him a little if you haven’t met him yet.

Although Murray has studied many approaches to therapy, his home base is Emotionally Focused Therapy created by Dr. Sue Johnson and her Associates.  Sue’s work is very unique in that it focuses on: how emotions, our need for attachment and love, and a sense of safety and security in our life are the key to helping people. The art and science of therapy is helping people  remove the blocks to the love we constantly seek.  Her pioneering work has given hope that regardless of struggles, small or huge, there is a way to get fulfillment out of life.  This fits in so well with who Murray is.