Introduction to Therapy Models

Usually by the time people come for help, their problems are serious if not desperate. We, Murray and Donna Armstrong, pride ourselves in being able to quickly get to the core of the issue, understand what has created the problem and the action that needs to be taken. Our approach to therapy/counselling is ground in traditional therapeutic theories and methods. As well, we constantly embrace many of the leading-edge, innovative approaches to guide people in resolving their issues more quickly and thoroughly.

Our approach to guiding people is truly a synthesis of many years of training and workshops. We are pleased that in this synthesis, we can offer:

  • Many practical suggestions for behavioural change
  • Effective challenges to the beliefs that limit people’s choices
  • A comprehensive model that helps understand the breadth and depth of our humanness at the behavioural, physical health, emotional, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual and universe levels
  • Unique and profoundly effective tools to intervene at all the above eight levels
  • A humbleness in knowing that clients are the real healers and that our job is to continue to do our own personal work so that we can be as clear as possible in using the tools we have acquired.