Group Therapy for Men

Men’s Therapy Group
Creating Deeper Connection with Yourself and Others

Led by Murray Armstrong every Wednesday, the purpose of the Men’s Therapy Group is to provide men an opportunity for in-depth exploration of what is underneath the issues/problems in their lives. It is for any man who has been in therapy or is self-aware, ready and willing to create a deeper connection to his emotions and feelings.


One of the greatest puzzles for men can be trying to sort out their personal lives. When things go wrong, especially in relationships, one of the major reasons this happens is that men miss the emotional/feeling component of the issue.

Most of us believe that we solve our problems rationally. What we don’t realize is that it is actually our underlying feelings that drive these rational decisions.

This Men’s Group guides men in learning how to solve problems differently by being able to access, understand and most importantly work from a male perspective with emotions and feelings.

The Men’s Therapy Group is facilitated by the founder, Murray Armstrong.

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