Counselling and Therapy Testimonials

Therapy Testimonial for Murray Armstrong:

“Thanks, Murray. I have been amazed by the liberating effect of the Voice Dialogue process, and its direct application to “real life” outside of the therapist’s office. Making decisions from this much more balanced perspective gives me genuine confidence and peace of mind. Furthermore, your ability to follow-up with energy psychology and healing processes such as AIT, which access and define deeper core issues, has given me a much more positive view of my life, and life in general. My anxiety and depression are significantly reduced! I can honestly say that I now enjoy my life, and I am profoundly thankful!!”

John (2010)

Testimonials for Advanced Integrative Therapy, Energy Psychology, and Trauma Therapy Treatment Protocols

“Through my work with Murray and Donna, I have been able to identify and unlock trauma that has continued to present itself at the most painful times in my life, causing immense turmoil and suffering. I am convinced that the ‘Advanced Integrative Therapy’ process is creating immense healing and clarity for me to achieve the health and wellness that I have been seeking for years. I highly recommend this approach and the services of Armstrongs’ Counselling Services”.

Anonymous (2010)

“I am both honored and privileged to acknowledge the amazing support, insight and guidance that I received from Murray. The quality of my life has improved so much. Murray and Donna are two of the most genuine, kind and wise people I’ve met.”

Winston W. (2010)

“In 2009 due to health issues I got caught-up in the medical system turmoil that Alberta is now unfortunately experiencing. Shortage of Doctors, nurses, long waiting periods for appointments, short hospital recovery times after surgery and overwhelmed emergency departments. I experienced it all first-hand and as a result felt powerless and started suffering from anxiety. Thanks to Murray Armstrong and the Advanced Integrative Therapy, I now feel that those issues are behind me. I feel very fortunate to have been able to access this therapy with “Armstrongs’ Counselling Services”. I also know that I would be welcomed back at any time to help with any future issues.”

V.C. (2010)

“Seeing the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder first hand, was difficult to comprehend and even harder to concede. Culturally as police officers, we build an emotional wall to separate ourselves from reality during tragedy. Unfortunately, it is a wall that stays standing, keeping us emotionally away from family, friends and ourselves. Through continuous counselling with intense therapy protocols of “Advanced Integrative Therapy”, I am beginning to enjoy my life, family and work again. Murray has given me the tools I needed to deal with past and potential situations that may arise so I can enjoy a healthy life.”

J. L. (2010)

“My (analytical engineer) questioned and was skeptical about the energy therapy model, but I have been “blown out of the water” by Murray’s gentle but direct application of this therapeutic approach. I have come to a more grounded and secure place in my life, feeling intensely aware, alive and “energized”.

Wayne (2010)

“Murray is a fantastic professional therapist. I had several life-long issues that were resolved quickly, through the protocols of Advanced Integrative Therapy.”

M. M. (2010)

“A.I.T. is a great technique used by Murray that helped me to free my heart from deep pain and anger.”

M. (2010)

“A.I.T. treatment protocols caused me to quickly heal my soul issues of several life-long scars. It was a roller coaster of emotions, where I experienced a deep immersion in my memories, that ultimately lead to my healing and feeling whole. Thank you so much Donna for your gentle guidance and holding me with your facilitation skills through my healing process.”

L. C. (2010)

Testimonials for Voice Dialogue: Psychology of the Selves and the Aware Ego Process

“We are pleased to recommend Murray and Donna as outstanding practitioners of our work. They are solidly grounded in the theoretical basis of the Psychology of the Selves and the Psychology of the Aware Ego Process. Their work as facilitators and teachers of this process is superb.”

Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone,
Voice Dialogue International

“I am both honoured and privileged to acknowledge the power of Voice Dialogue. The Voice Dialogue process offered me tremendous support, insight and guidance in breaking through and reclaiming the happy and authentic me.”

W. W. (2010)

“I woke up to who I am and within the group with Donna’s facilitation, I transformed for the better.”

Lisa (2009)

“All I know is my experiential learning granted awareness which led to forgiveness for self and others which simultaneously released tears and then was replaced with spiritual Divine love.”

D.J.S. (2009)

“This course has encouraged me to stand up for myself and be true to who I am, and what I want to become. As a facilitator, Donna is knowledgeable, empowering and creative. She has created a safe and gentle program.”

J.B. ( 2008)

“I would recommend this course to any woman, because it is not a course of learning what is wrong with you as an individual, but is a course in understanding what we are made up of and how to encourage the growth inside.”

Anonymous (2008)

“Outstanding experience for me, exceptionally growth and stretching for me. Murray is truly an outstanding therapist in his own right.”

Anonymous (2008)

“Murray and Donna provide an exceptionally safe environment in which we had the opportunity for myself and my wife to experience and reclaim the feelings that brought us together many years ago; thank you so much for this weekend retreat.”

Anonymous (2008)

“This group under Murray’s direction with his excellent Therapeutic skills was a life line for me in stepping back into reclaiming my life.”

Anonymous (2007)